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Venn – A New Way of Neighboring

Ask 10 people what it means to live a purposeful and meaningful life, and you’re all but certain to get 10 different answers. But if they were being honest, they’d all agree on at least one thing: It simply isn’t possible to lead such a life without the fun, warmth, sustenance, and empowerment we receive from the people around us.

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Chen from Venn / Issue #2

This was my first holiday season in NYC. Wow. It was crazy time – the hustle, the cold, the mad rush to buy gifts, the lights, the cold, the decorations, did I mention the cold?? I’m seriously not used to it. It affects your day-to-day, your weekend plans, and I feel like the lack of vitamin D is making everyone a bit less happy and positive. It was rough to be far away from close friends and family during the holidays – yet another reason why having a community is so important. And why I know that I’m in the right place to be working on what we’re building together at Venn.

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Chen from Venn / Issue #1

Ever since moving to NYC for work earlier this year, all kinds of things have rocked my world. Turns out that I’m dealing with challenges and adjustments – just like any other young professional who moves to a big, cold, expensive city. Surprising? Not so much. That’s why we created Venn.

This is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts, musings, and challenges as I navigate the adventures of the urban jungle, all while trying to grow Venn as a business.

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A Year of Learnings @Venn

The Jewish New Year is approaching (it starts on the evening of Sept. 29), and as in many cultural traditions, it’s not only a time for family, friends, and good food, but also an opportunity for reflection – about the past, the present, and the future.

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What Burning Man Taught Me

It’s in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere, hot as hell, and so much dust that I haven’t experienced since my days in the army. It’s pretty fair to say that 350 days out of the year, you wouldn’t run into a single living being out there.

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