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Chen from Venn / Issue #1

Ever since moving to NYC for work earlier this year, all kinds of things have rocked my world. Turns out that I’m dealing with challenges and adjustments – just like any other young professional who moves to a big, cold, expensive city. Surprising? Not so much. That’s why we created Venn.

This is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts, musings, and challenges as I navigate the adventures of the urban jungle, all while trying to grow Venn as a business.

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Smart Cities Must Be Warm Cities

The United Kingdom recently attracted global headlines, not because of Brexit, but for their decision to appoint a “minister for loneliness.” The role is designed to address what Prime Minister Theresa May described as a “sad reality of modern life” – individuals’ growing sense of social isolation and the fracturing of community institutions that long played a vital role in strengthening the social fabric.

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