A Space For Living

You need a home but you also need more. With Venn, everything you need is downstairs, upstairs, or around the corner.

Venn Bushwick is here.

Have your cake and eat it with your neighbors, too.

Venn is here.

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Upcoming Events

Movie Nite

Wednesday, July 24th • 7:00PM

Join us for a weekly movie night in our Backyard!


Community Garden Volunteering

Friday, July 26th • 3:00PM

The Venn Team volunteers at Community Garden on Madison Street. Join us to help maintain the neighborhood’s beautiful public spaces.


Panel and Workshop on the Benefits of CBD

Saturday, July 27th • 12:00PM

Join venn and The Kind of Secret Club for a special afternoon where we will hear from the industry’s specialists’ on CBD. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in two workshops and exclusive access to a pop up market [OPEN TO EVERYONE]

Co-Working Space: 786 Knickerbocker

Venn Beach Day

Sunday, July 28th • 10:00AM

We’re renting a school bus and driving out together!

Jacob Riis Park

The Spaces

With Venn, you have access to a network of spaces around the neighborhood. There’s an event program, but also plenty of time for you to do your own thing.

  • Co-Working

    Launching July

  • Venn Cafe

    Launching July

  • Gallery & Events Space

    Launching July

  • Venn Clubhouse

    Under Construction

See For Yourself

Venn gives you the platform to shape the neighborhood — the rest is up to you.