Power your entire resident journey

Streamline and automate every aspect of the resident lifecycle—from pre-lease to move-outs. Discover untapped opportunities for revenue and provide unparalleled service.

All your tools in one ecosystem

Use our native solutions or integrate your existing tools.
 Manage it all in one central platform.

Reimagine your workflow by seamlessly integrating your existing tools into one user interface. Our advanced APIs handle diverse credentials to accommodate your specific needs.

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Our platform

Empower your teams

Streamline every resident interaction

Venn automates your manual processes, from lease up to move-outs — freeing your team to focus on strategic growth and scaling your business.

Power your entire resident journey

opportunities for growth

Real-time data that shines a light on your blind spots.

There’s revenue on the table and we can help. Venn takes resident data and turns it into actionable insights, allowing you to discover more ways to monetize their stay.

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Make the most of home

One app for residents to simplify their living experience and connect.

From maintenance requests to community engagement, it's all in one place.

Stellar resident experiences

Make living experiences and amenities even more accessible for your residents. Everyday moments — like receiving packages and paying rent — are effortless with our one-tap solution.

Our community in action
Support community engagement

Enable resident connections

When residents make true connections, they’ll want to stay. Venn helps you create events, discussion boards, and special interest groups to enrich their living experiences.

What this means for your business

Increased resident satisfaction, retention, and additional revenue for you.

Demand for apartments
Resident satisfaction
Increased retention

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